I Wish It Was Christmas (all year) by Brad Carrigan


All Proceeds – Our Global Homeless

Brad Carrigan’s – I Wish It Was Christmas (all year) is music Video and Music CD that features many of Canada’s top recording artists singing on the theme song “I Wish it was Christmas” to promote National and Global awareness – for our homeless – 

The net proceeds from theatre production ticket sales, promote global homeless awareness.

Local ticket sales – will also provide a Christmas turkey dinner from each ticket sold. 

The Show

I Wish It’s Was Christmas (all year) is a timeless, feel good Christmas tale of love, lasting friendship and sweet compassion for all. It is a place where a frosty west side street becomes the setting for beautiful story within a story, where the meaning of Christmas transcends far beyond the 25th of December.

It’s December 24th Christmas eve on Old Blame Road, a swanky west side-shopping district.

The snow is lightly falling as two musicians buskers play yuletide songs, hoping the true spirit of Christmas will catch on with last minute shoppers and allow some Christmas cheer in their direction. This year is also a time of reflection, as the recent closure of the Old Blame Road Theatre has unwittingly become the backdrop for a truly magical Christmas tale.

This is where a contrite homeless man finds refuge from the chilly night by cuddling under piles of blankets while hoping his “spare change” can, will reap the benefit of the season. To him mostly it’s just another night fighting the elements and running from the past. Then a mystical jovial homeless woman appears on the scene, with her shopping cart full of life stories and a few other charmed surprises. This chance encounter sets off an enchanting chain of events, where the spirit of Christmas takes on its true meaning.

The Song

I Wish It Was Christmas (all year) – was written and recorded by Brad Carrigan and co- produced by Juno award winner Paul Hyde. The CD Mix was donated by Brian Adams ware- house studio (Vancouver). The star-studded chorus featured many of Canada’s Juno and Grammy recording artists: Mike Reno (Lover Boy), Paul Janz, Paul Hyde, Spirit of the West, and many others. The song received major airplay on most major TV video and radio networks. The 2015 remix features “Canadian Pop Star” winner Sahara MacDonald (Sugar Jones) – middle-school children’s choir – Canadian rapper Terrell.

Set for rerelease Dec 2016. 

The theatre production also features a collection of Christmas song classics sprinkled throughout the show – with actors, musicians and dancers all performing to enhance a warm and caring theme of love, compassion and awareness.