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As a World Recording Atrist BRAD has lived , and performed concerts in India, Europe and Vancouver’s QE Theatre – providing a truly unique musical style that integrates World / Jazz & Indian styling’s.

There is an abundance of universal knowledge, truth, techniques and man- tras that can help attain a deeper connection to one’s self and the universal consciousness. The teacher who evolves from a universal light brotherhood or a guru parampara is able to guide the seeker along the spiritual path into the divine light consciousness. However, this can only be accomplished with pure love and a desire to help others become their own guru and master. In truth, guiding another seeker along the journey to their enlightenment helps to build a solid foundation for the universal community of light conscious- ness to expand brick by loving brick. This is especially important as we journey through the changes of the 2012 transformation and tribulation into the “Golden Age”.

It Is With Great Humility And Surrender That These Bodies Of Work Were Created. All Were Inspired Through The Writings, Wisdom And Words Of Many Great Authors, Teachers, Masters And Incarnates, As Well As Through A Divine Light Consciousness To The Akashic Or 5th Dimension. My Intent Is That Those Who Enjoy My Work See Not My Hand, But Experience The Wisdom Of Evolution And The Beautiful Universal Truth Shared By All. From The Microcosm To The Macro- Cosm, There Is Only One Light Of Collective Divine Love.

Love And Light

BRAD CARRIGAN – World Recording Artist

Brad Is, World Music Recording Artist Who Has Fused The Spiritual And Vibrational Aspects Of Music Into A Western Sound That Has Wowed Audiences From Around The Globe, While Working With Top World, Jazz And Pop Musicians ..

He Has Developed A Truly Unique Musical Style That Fuses World / Jazz / Latin And Indian Voicing’s Into His Concert Settings. This Musical Journey Had Brad Living And Studying Classical Music In India, To Concert Performances In Europe To Vancouver’s 2800 Seat QE Theatre And Calgary’s National Music Center. Brad Has Recently Integrated Crystal Bowls And Indigenous Flute Into His Storied And Unique World Music Performances.

Brad’s Bands Have Attracted Canadian “A” List Musicians Such As;

Michael Ceber – Keys (KD Lang), Dave Sinclair –Guitar (Sara McLaughlin), Miles Hill– Bass – (Super Tramp, Idol Eyes), Gaye Delorme,  Jesse Zubot -Violin, Miles Black –Keys / Piano,  Bill Sample – Piano (David Foster Band, Bill Rungie – Sax (Powder Blues)Angela Kellman( Farmers Daughter And Others….

On His Musical Journey Brad Has Sat In And Played Along With The Likes Of Matt Maley(Counting Crows) Andy Summers (Police) And Countless Others In The Various Pop And World Music Spectrums.

In The Early 90’S Brad Wrote, Co-Produced And Performed The Classic “ I Wish It Was Christmas” (All Year) Featuring A Collective Performance Of Many Canadian Juno And Grammy Artists To Promote Homeless / Poverty Awareness, He Recorded With Paul Hyde(Payolas) Mike Reno (Lover Boy)  – Paul Janz – Geff Mann (Spirit Of The West) – The Song Was Remixed In 2015 At Brain Adams Vancouver Wear-House Studio With Video Release.  This Song Has Received Strong Rotations On Most Radio And Video Networks Including Much Music And CBC.

Brad’s Versatility And Unique Creative Ability Was Also Highlighted In His Writing And Performing The World-Class Theater Production “Dancing In The Light”. A Production That Featured Circ Du Soli Choreographer Sandra BotnanVancouver Ballet And Haida Nation Mask DancersAnd An ‘All Star Band” All To Enrich And Expand Brad’s Storied Musical Concert Performance About Reincarnation. This Production Performed 4 Shows At Vancouver’s 2800 Seat QE Theatre All To Extended Ovations.